This week on The Gralien Report, we celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the Sputnik satellite into space, as well as the continuing interest surrounding developments on Mars. In other news, wildlife is slowly returning to the Chernobyl site, and later, Micah revisits odd behavior described by pilots in a classic 1950s UFO sighting. Speaking of which, where have all the UFOs gone today, and are there really fewer UFO sightings, or just fewer quality reports being made?

Then during the second hour, we examine claims of death by spontaneous human combustion, and whether science has been able to offer conclusive explanations for what causes it, or whether it even exists at all. While skeptics have long decried the phenomenon, there may in fact be more recent studies that meet the criteria for supporting, and explaining the phenomenon… well, at least mostly.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

2 Replies to “TGR 10.05.15. The Spontaneous Human Combustion Enigma

  1. This has nothing to do with the show, recently I have put to the test the extent that the internet goes to make a few articles seem like it has an endless supply of information about any and everything. Basically I hear people spouting out everyday that anything you can think of the internet has a web page dedicated to proving it. So I started typing things that society as a whole does not promote for instance I am a true independent meaning I do not follow and I do not lead I be me and always encourage others to be them but when I look on the internet for more people who are individually minded this is what I got: (Pedophiles share the characteristic of being “without natural affection” (Romans 1:31; 2 Timothy 3:2). The phrase “without natural affection” is translated from one Greek word, which means “inhuman, unloving, and unsociable.” One without natural affection acts in ways that are against the social norm. This would certainly describe a pedophile.?

    This goes on and on I even typed in for instance anti Christian and all I got is articles written by church goers about Christian persecution? So basically all these Christians are putting up articles on how the are hated and persecuted and it’s only coming from them you really don’t find anti Christian web sites at all in fact even Satanist blogs do not condemn Christians. I argue the internet does not have much on it especially for people who are not lemmings. In fact the internet is just more of the same mind prison enforcing societies will no matter the cost, if it’s wrong, or based on total ignorance.

    Try your self and see what you get the internet is not full of opinions and it does not back any claim. The trick is you never really think of things to type in outside of their walls, you type in exactly what the media gives you and find that what they want us to think and discus is magically presented as a few top articles written by people in the media it self and the rest of the articles just feature the words you type and have nothing to do with anything. This generates the illusion that the internet is this vast playing field of opinion when in fact it is not. they want you to think it is individuals running amok when this is just not true.

    I find it absolutely appalling that in a country that claims to have killed mass amounts of humans in the name of freedom and individuality, actually demonizes individuality completely. Go check for your selves you will find articles and article followers who hate, fear, and seek to destroy any person who doesn’t want to be a part of the community. This is a level of sheeple self policing beyond Nazi. The people in America whole heartedly believe in their right to know what you think, feel, and to force you to be dependent on one another rather than have a society of strong willed individuals with a healthy skepticism toward their fellow man who has miss lead and lied to one another through out history. We are such a materialistic parasitic money controlled society that people fear anyone who doesn’t want to jump in the pond and help the leeches feed. I feel like I’m in prison 24 7 because americans think your here to be one of them, to help them, to entertain them, to empower them, I call it to be used by them.

    The main right that is trampled on is all of our rights to be an individual and to be left alone. This should be amendment 1 in the constitution but as I have stated when you realize the parasitic nature of American society, individuality and being left alone to a virus or a leech would mean certain death. America does not know the difference between helping one another and being dependent and I’m sick of it. I can not, will not ever say I’m proud to be an American. After reading article after article comparing individuals to pedophiles and serial killers like Jeffery Dommer and ted Bundy when all those personality types are “NEEDY”????? The media claims Jeff Dommer was quite, did any of you ever know an anti social quiet person who went to bars alone and brought home a date every time? Of coarse not. If a pedophile didn’t need human contact would he touch children? Of coarse not. And Ted Bundy we know has been compared to a guy who could run and win an election even fooled his Doctor when she first met him she said he was innocent and a real people person.

    Sorry I could write a book going over the hypocrisy of people who leech off others telling me I’m bad for not letting society draw blood when ever it feels weak. Me a person who has stopped bullies in my school, me who has stayed up all night listening to women vent and didn’t use the situation to make a sexual advance, me who has befriended the homeless and the deformed that they throw out in the street because parasites and viruses like to drink from the healthy. I’m the problem because I will not help jump the little guy or shame the fragile minded. This is our society trickling down and infecting the next generation.

    A society should be comprised of strong willed educated individuals who understand some ideas and some people are just usury no matter how pretty they are packaged. Instead we have choose to be indoctrinated, to be like a school of cannibal piranha that think being human is going with the pack having no will power and believing any little con job is a solution if a guy like Ted Bundy presents it self as friendly and in uniform. Sorry I had to post this here but I’m finding places like GR are the only place you would even find someone who could relate. Thank you so much Micah your show means so much to us out here in opinion land. America the land of 5 opinions presented 10,000 ways. We need to dispel these myths about individuality and show that it is usury and the false perception of needing one another for everything that constantly lands our society on the drinking end of poisoned cool aid.

  2. Gralien gang how sick is it a Christian web site saying (“Pedophiles share the characteristic of being “without natural affection” (Romans 1:31; 2 Timothy 3:2). The phrase “without natural affection” is translated from one Greek word, which means “inhuman, unloving, and unsociable.” One without natural affection acts in ways that are against the social norm. This would certainly describe a pedophile.”)

    My aunt married a pedophile and to my family before the kids told on him he was the nicest most sociable sweet man who loved children. Does going to a church and socializing with tons of people just to talk a few kids into having sex sound un-social to you? Nuff Said. Luckily my mother and experience taught me to not trust people especially men and when ever this guy tried to talk to me alone I felt his creepy vibe and left the room. I think it is important that people realize unlike the media I speak from experience not opinion.

    Quote from What does the Bible say about pedophilia?

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