This week on The Gralien Report, our sleeping sun has erupted with seven flares in just seven days… but what could this have to do with earthquakes? Elsewhere, a new scientific theory suggests that an ancient “nuclear reactor” may have started life here on Earth billions of years ago, and the same could hold true for life on other planets. Finally, does a new photograph and what one researcher calls “shock new evidence” solve Rendlesham UFO mystery once and for all?

Then in hour two, we are joined once again by veteran podcaster Jim Harold, whose popular shows like The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire are among the most well loved and often listened programs in the genre. Together again, Micah and Jim reunite for a mini version of their popular show, “The Paranormal Report”, in addition to getting some generally spooky stories from Jim.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

5 Replies to “TGR 09.18.17. Into the Eerie with Jim Harold’s Campfire

  1. As someone who isn’t in the paranormal/ufo/ whatever loop, never read any book or approached any so called experts/ I’m actually quite disturbed at what I see. First off I’m Irish and anti Christian. Christianity has not only destroyed Irish history but spread racist prejudices that I see the ufo field holding up like a banner. For a small but big example look up the old time radio show called “The Boogey Man” Just like all Irish are drunkards and brain damaged by alcoholism so hallucinate and imagine medical symptoms, they also sacrificed animals(this never happened, it is sun symbolism meaning to pass an animal on the sun clock, not sacrifice, you can see example in Tauroctony bull not literally killed the initiate symbolical leaves the herd)and worshiped the sun with bloodletting.

  2. These are all lies by a religion who itself is using these very symbols to mislead, exactly what it accuses Satanist of doing, and using it only for pure evil, to mislead. Keep you herd. Irish people having a special connection to the paranormal is an old hateful stereotype propagated over time due to the constant fighting with the church. This old time radio program is a great example of the propaganda machine at work. It not only damns/diminishes the Irish to blood thirsting sun cult in league with Lucifer, it compares them to Tibetan Monks it states have mystical evil powers to murder people(lol), I’m surprised it didn’t feature a Zen Buddhist oil tycoon who slashes rain forests down with meditation music.

  3. . The Christian point of views are run amok in paraurology, like we are cattle, for a cosmic white man obviously because if we were cattle to a cosmic Hindu people it would be an honor and you can’t slang bullets, beans, and bunkers off that. Then this reptilian thing? The rabbit stabs the dragon in his side and this blood leaking out becomes the power of summer, this is why red is the color for spring in Chinese Zodiac and features tiger(getting stripes), rabbit (springs), dragon(sun’s) power over earth. Then the next animal is the snake(at evening on the clock) crawling on a leaf, not a tree, the same leaf on the state seals, the feather of summer. The summer then is green to symbolize the power from the dragons blood making the earth grow. I’m sitting here eating a hamburger with a compass.

  4. This is why Caucasians say they came down from the crags the goat at the top is the ascended. It’s racist! Implying they don’t have to go through the cycle they were born on the top looking down at the stupid pigs, rats, dogs, and cows below. The G above the square isn’t god it’s worshiping fat cows keeping us all from becoming goats by defamation and disinformation. So when Set the rabbit stabs Apep rejoice it means be happy summer is coming, not reptilians. Peace and love forever beep bop scoop but beware of the raining hail from the blue turban, (winter flood).

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