This week on The Gralien Report, on the heels of (more) news that pushes back the discoveries of early humans by another 100,000 years, we also look at a recent court case which ruled that chimpanzees cannot be considered “persons”. Also in news of our primate kindred, what was seen stalking the forests of Southern California recently?

We then turn our attention to the so-called “Lazarus Phenomenon”, where individuals that were pronounced clinically dead have been found to still be alive, sometimes hours after their “death.” Does this phenomenon call into question what we think we know about death? Then the Reverend Oakley brings us a surprise segment, where he asks Micah to “fact check” an article on Roswell, which supposes the entire thing can be explained by “Project Mogul”, a once-secret USAF project. While this is certainly plausible, are there other theories worth considering as well, and how does this play into the ongoing debate over things like “fake news”?

Finally, we look at how one group of scientists hopes to institute an off-planet nation, named “Asgardia” after the famous home of Thor, Loki, Odin, and other Norse gods. To the boys in the bunker, however, this is sounding rather familiar… in fact, it almost mirror’s researcher Richard Dolan’s ideas about a “breakaway civilization.” We explore all of this, and more, on this week’s Gralien Report Podcast.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

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