This week on The Gralien Report, Micah begins with an update about the disappearance of a friend (as discussed previously on the show), before moving on to reports about a “ghost ship” found on the African coast. We then look at concerns among USGS officials about Mount Saint Helens, which erupted with nearly catastrophic results in 1980… could it erupt again within the next few years?

On the subject of natural cataclysms, Micah also examines a recent report carried out jointly between the Swedish Global Priorities Project and The Future of Humanity Institute at University of Oxford. The report details a number of things that are deemed plausible threats to humankind in the next five years… and you’ll be surprised to hear what the authors rank as even greater concerns than volcanic eruptions and asteroid strikes: among them are the potential for geo-engineering to “backfire”, as well as concerns over the rise of artificial intelligence.

In line with this discussion, as well as a previous discussion from weeks past about whether the universe might be a simulation, Micah proposes a new line of thought pertaining to the idea of a simulated universe, and how artificial intelligence, alien life, and even purported “abduction” experiences might fit into the broader context of such a fabricated reality. Sound a bit far fetched? Interestingly, it isn’t much different from similar themes addressed in the writing of some of the most popular science writers today, as well as the ideas of philosophers going even further back. Could a simulated universe actually be a legitimate scientific possibility, rather than purely the stuff of science fiction?

Finally, we take time to examine one of the most unusual Sunday morning sermons you never thought you would hear about UFOs, aliens, spirits, chupacabras, and Bigfoot… which reminds us: did you know there is a 2016 presidential candidate who actually wants to put Bigfoot on the endangered species list? Remarkably, he says this is his strangest campaign stance… but since his other promises include the release of DARPA information about Tesla-inspired time travel technologies, once again we may have to differ.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

2 Replies to “TGR 05.09.16. Do We Exist Inside a Simulated Universe?

  1. My favorite debunker is the masked magician who had a television show that gave away the secrets of magic because he showed me that a person can use different methods to get the same end result, meaning that the masked magician didn’t really show anybody what magicians do he just showed that anybody can perform a ritual and get a result and people will not question the method at all. He proved debunkers can be completely wrong yet reach a convincing conclusion good enough for most people to accept as the truth. This is my problem with skeptics and scientists. They can only see fault in the obvious unlike philosophers who challenge a thing to untold depths, science and skepticism only question what isn’t accepted because they lack the intelligence to question convention they become an asset to creating left right prison systems that demonization anyone who thinks the grass may be greener on the other side of that wall. They create a left right paradigm two walls that hold up a structure not really in opposition that takes things that are wrong but seem plausible when compared to the ludicrous. It would be like if I picked two apples off a tree a rotten apple and a half rotten apple and put them on a table and asked you which one would you eat? A smart person would go over to the tree and pick one that isn’t rotten while the 99% would choose the less rotten apple never even considering to go to the source.

    We all know the famous quote if you want to know what conventions are controlling a society find what isn’t talked about and I find it beyond coincidence that Wikipedia nor anywhere on the net could I find a list of left right paradigms. Here is my definition of a left right paradigm, it is a two wall prison any intelligent person can just walk right around and keep going while most will find a comfortable spot in-between or find a liking for one wall or the other and sit in prison never even suspecting the limitless pastures beyond. And so most people sit trapped in a left right wasteland anthropomorphizing the walls.

    We can be assured that when Socrates said that limitation is liberating he did not mean we would be sitting in a jail cell one day saying look how free I am, but that through reaching for more, being creative will free you from thinking you are limited. A good example the film Equinox has a interview with the Director who tells young film makers don’t write a script based on the limitation you face because you can always find a creative way to execute an idea and in doing so prove to your peers you are a valuable asset. This coming from a guy who filmed a low budget film and went on to do the special effects on the Star Wars films. Lucas saw what he could do when limited and so afforded him more materials and time liberating him.

  2. How do we know we are not living in a simulation, running on a high-order computer? What if there is evidence of glitches in “the matrix”? Who could be running the detailed computer program, in which we may be living? Can we communicate with those in charge of running our simulation? Some answers can be found in this video:

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