This week on The Gralien Report Podcast, on the heels of Micah’s 33rd birthday celebration, we launch into this week’s show with a discussion of how animals relate to their owners, including Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s famous study (disputed by some) which involved animals apparently being aware of their owners pending arrival before they actually appear at home.

Then, Micah presents a discussion about science and the classification systems used for study of unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) over the last several decades, which recently prompted him to revise and update these criteria, resulting in a new proposed classification system for observations of unconventional aerial objects. However, in order to better implement such studies, Micah also addresses the institution of a filtration system that accounts for a range of different objects and natural phenomena which are often mistaken for UFOs or UAP.

The entire system Micah discusses here was recently discussed at his website, in an article called Toward a Better UFOlogy: Applying Science to the Study of UAP. Could a system like this be useful in the further study of unidentified aerial phenomena in the coming years, particularly with the help of emergent, more affordable, accessible and portable technologies?

Then in the second hour of the show, Micah is joined by Arthur W. Wiggins, co-author of the new book The Human Side of Science: Edison and Tesla, Watson and Crick, and Other Personal Stories behind Science’s Big Ideas with Charles M. Wynn. Wiggins holds the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Physics, Oakland Community College in Michigan, and during our discussion we talk about the life and work of Nikola Tesla, as well as great minds like Einstein, and many others. Behind every scientific discovery is a human mind, and a very enriching story, as Wiggins helps us see with his recent written work on the subject. 

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

2 Replies to “TGR 04.18.16. UAP and the Human Side of Science

  1. I know the question asked was why people chose belief over fact but my situation is a little different then most peoples and I will agree that no doubt my personal experience has given me a negative bias and skepticism of not science but people who claim to be scientists. Anyone who has read into conspiracy may have come across this and I assure you it is 100% a reality that our government watches certain people and gets them to join groups and sends them to Martin Marietta Space Station but I didn’t accept that offer so I can’t tell you if they take you to some reptilian brain washing camp, but what I did experience is receiving monthly letters from a group with the initials S.I.P. the I having the torch for a dot. Apparently the school thought I was highly intelligent and started to try and guide me into science.

    Basically I think most people know of or about people who are forced to go to church as a child and so they grow up bitter at it vowing to never waste another minute of their life partaking in something they have no interest in, well that is what happened to me with science. By 5th grade I was attending college level science courses at Regis university and quickly found my self surrounded by people I was smarter than just like in public school, Teachers words not mine, and because of this experience and choosing to stay with their program I learned that just because you have an interest in science or are in high level science classes doesn’t mean you are smart at all. And now that I’m in college I’m being reminded of all this and church is a great comparison because the people I go to school with like religious people do not question anything and accept every little thing they read or the teacher says as the word of an infallible entity.

    So basically from the inside looking out I found that these science kids were not what our society makes them out to be. The more schooling I got the more skeptical I became and began experiencing things that people like Einstein had, I’m not comparing myself to Einstein I’m comparing our school system today to that of years ago, because when ever I say to people how could you put stock in teachers the people who told Einstein he was retarded, they always attack me saying school has changed since then. Really.

    So in the 11th grade we had to write an essay, as a writer I had total disdain for structures like essays that limit and control your style of writing and so instead of writing an essay I wrote an instruction manual step by step explicitly describing exactly the method for writing an essay. And instead of getting a response you would expect from an institution that has misdiagnosed intellect and hurt their own reputation and was now making a difference by it, I was told crudely and with disgust that my paper was the most offensive thing the teachers had ever read. Coming from a generation who experienced Vietnam, the civil rights movement, and read the news paper daily you would think a creative paper from a student would be a breath of fresh air. No just like Einstein I was punished for being intelligent and having another take on something. It is funny because I think she got offended because just like science tries to do I made teaching and essays seem diminished and unimportant by explaining them simply. I had ruined the mystery and intrigue this teacher had the way science does but I wasn’t trying to provide limits but to expand. Unlike scientist who intentionally try to demean and objectify. So yeah after being around Americas next top scientists I think film school has smarter people they just can’t get interested in something that seeks to limit, confine, and pretend consistencies exist in an ever changing world this is why inventors are hardly ever scientists. This is my biggest problem with scientist is the EGO. The ego of a person who impatiently discovers fact for personal gain and not only gives up on doing any further or continued research but attack others for trying to do so. A real scientist has no need for ego because the method should prove just if the research continues. You don’t look at an orange for one one hundredth of a second and go I know what it is and where it’s going. You have to study it from seed to tree, to fruit to seed over and over because where have we any proof that anything around us stays constant? Yet you hear it all the time, radiation breaks down at a consistent rate, then continued research shows no it doesn’t, and also, our model says yellow stone will go off yester day, yet it hasn’t, because you can’t always make a judgement today based on bias of what happened before. That is why every time those yellow stone fear mongers bring up their model I say out loud or your model is wrong did you guys ever consider that? Of coarse not because science is a method and methods must be performed by people and unlike the method people have ego problems and seek to prove or disprove which I consider to be a form of sabotage.

    The best thing is I guess to just say it in their own words, I have heard many many atheist and so called scientists who have stated with confidence that we can disprove god by testing prayer. So basically If I want to prove it’s not butter I just go and buy margarine? That’s called sabotage and can not even be considered rigging because you already know the result. They just are not intelligent enough to see the flaws in logic any so they should stick to debunking guys in obvious gorilla suits and photo shopped ufo’s pointing out and stating the obvious. I mean have you ever heard of a skeptic who has the intelligence to question the accepted? Of coarse not because if the miserable people who called them self skeptics could think for them self they wouldn’t be so gung ho defending the work of others. IDK I feel I had already reached a stage years ago when I was playing in a band that I realized I was a fool for ever getting angry and wasting my efforts to defend music or bands that I had absolutely nothing to do with. When somebody trashes your work, your creation then you can get defensive but also then you know you are winning. Like Micah. Every one I have met that was successful said the road to success is paved in failures something Shermer skeptics egos will never endure so they spend their life wasted pointing out other people failures, people who usually have gained a success level these egotists desire. Ego loves to band wagon jump as long as that wagon’s status quo or bust.

  2. Well, I’m a bit behind on listening to your podcasts. But you had mentioned about the Flat Earthers. I have encountered a bunch of that nonsense on YouTube. Their videos seem to get mixed in on channels that show mostly real science. Somethimes I would leave a comment on them. Well I can tell you that they are the most stupid and irrational people on the planet. They are dumber than a box of rocks. It would be easier explaining math to a dog.

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