It’s off to the Ozarks this week on The Gralien Report Podcast. Micah continues his journeys as he heads up to Eureka Springs, where along with Cam and Kyle of Expanded Perspectives, he attended the the 29th annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.

Among the speakers and attendees were Eric von Daniken, as well as Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, Chase Kloetzke, Jim Mars, and a number of other researchers in the field. We delve into the sorts of subjects they were addressing, as well as a few interesting “behind the scenes” asides that have occurred as the adventure ensues.

Items in the news include discussion of a new process which some think can temporarily break-down and allow passage through the blood-brain barrier; but what could this have to do with mystical experiences, and even alien abduction? We also examine reports from the readers that relate unusual stories of strange occurrences, mysterious sounds, and illuminative phenomenon seen in various locales.

Then in hour two, on our way back from the Ozarks we feature a very special “Live From the Highway” segment with Micah, again joined by the Expanded Perspectives boys, as they report live from the road. On their way through Texas and Oklahoma, the crew makes a quick stop by North Boggy Creek, home of the famous monster featured in films like The Legend of Boggy Creek. Recapping our meeting with UFO researcher David Marler while in Eureka Springs, we examine stories of strange triangle-shaped aircraft, and what role they may play in the broader modern mystery of UFOs.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

5 Replies to “TGR 04.11.16. Odd Times Abound in the Ozarks

  1. For the listener who is looking for female-hosted Fortiana podcasts, I’d like to suggest Denise and Diane at Haunted History. They’ve got great chemistry, and, while they don’t deal with UFOs or rains of fish or the like, they do an excellent job at blending the known history with alleged hauntings.

    They’re also planning a haunted tour of North Carolina soon, and they’ve featured enough locations in Asheville to warrant a stop.

    1. cool I am always looking for female points of view although I wasn’t the one who asked thank you. I would also suggest Off Planet Radio Which has Chris and Randy. I love Chris’s female perspective it really adds something unique to the topics. Another is Expanding mind with Eric Davis and Maja, Maja is one of the most intelligent and eloquently spoken women I have ever heard she always amazes me with her questions and incite.

  2. I mistyped. Denise and Diane host History Goes Bump.

    Thinking Sideways is also an excellent true mystery podcast with a female host, Devin.

  3. Absolutely love your show. As an amateur astronomer, I have seen multiple satellites through my eyepiece. Also, I have seen jet liners fly right in front on the telescope. (A startling experience I must say). Also, as an amateur astronomer, I spent a lot of time gazing at the night sky with my naked eye. We don’t just spend our time with our eyes pressed to the scope. I have never seen anything I would call a UFO. Extraordinary, wonderful, and beautiful things, but no UFOs. Does not this mean there are no UFOs, but I suspect I have had good opportunities to do so, but have not. Just my personal experience. Again, I love this program and listen regularly.

  4. On the subject of DISCLOSURE…..
    After reading Michael Salla’s book on The Secret Space Program, i certainly
    now understand why the gov’t can not reveal what it has knonw for over 50 years.
    Why would they tell people there are many other aliens flying overhead and
    landing on earth and the gov’t can do NOTHING to stop them. YET !
    Maybe our race for weapons has been defense against this type of invasion
    and only practicing on our own planet’s people. Aliens may have been able to take us on anytime and may be holding us captive now ? Who would reveal that?
    I was waiting for someone at Ozark to mention that !

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