This week on The Gralien Report Podcast, after an opening segment remembering Micah’s late grandfather, as well as a few odd occurrences from the Hanks family history books, we turn our attention to something strange Micah recently heard on The Alex Jones Radio Show. Has the famous conspiracy talk host been reading books by Richard Dolan?

Then we celebrate what is, arguably, one of the nerdiest holidays we’ve ever come across: “Pi Day”, in celebration of the date of March 14th (a date which bears the same characters as the famous pi sequence). More specifically, 2016 is known as “rounded pi” day, which particularly has certain providers of specialty pizzas excited… no, seriously. Also, we examine an odd update about an unidentified man, whose body was discovered on an English moor just last December. New evidence has surfaced that indicates this story is even stranger than it already seemed…

Finally, Brian Bresler, musician and cohost of the Beyond the Strange program, joins us to discuss recent controversy that has erupted surrounding statements made by Jesse Hughes, frontman of the Eagles of Death Metal, following their performance at France’s Bataclan theatre on the night of the 2015 Paris Terrorist attacks. Many feel that Hughes has suggested that things he and other band members noticed that night indicated foreknowledge of the attack, with some going so far as to assert that it had been an “inside job” or “false flag.”

Hughes has recanted his statements, but apart from this latest affair, there are still those who have gone so far as to assert that Hughes and Co. were themselves involved with the tragedy in some bizarre way. We break down the various ridiculous assertions made by conspiracy theorists, before turning our attention to the subject of A.I. that will soon allow us to communicate with the Internet… and for it to “talk back”. As is often asked, will this be a good thing, or maybe something that has dangerous potentials?

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

2 Replies to “TGR 03.14.16. Rounded Pi and Eagles of Death Metal

  1. Ever since I lost my job I have fallen behind on my podcast listening so I just got to listen to this today. Interesting how it completely correlates to the comment I left on Middle Theory just shows great minds think alike. This is why I refer to Ancient Aliens as “Ancient Idiots” because they have erased my comments every time I pointed out that what they are calling ufo’s is clearly the precession of the equinoxes and the waxing and waning of the moon. I can not tolerate people who comment on things they can not even take the time to do research into. One guy who I totally respect who is a researcher of Hebrew history and customs made his own website where unlike Ancient Idiots you can actually zoom in on every picture, instead of viewing it as small as possible in a fixed deliberate position on AI’s web page, Disclosed (;P) that the ufo’s were hats and other Hebrew and Jewish culture objects and provided pictures of these devices showing that clearly AI is a pack of squealing hyenas who have gotten of the ground by making it seem pigs can fly and by erasing anything that points out the hyena in the pig suit or the glue at the base of their wings. This also happens to me repeatedly on conspiracy sites I will comment how these symbols do not have anything to do with satanic elitist and are symbols that belong to all humanity and represent our true path to spirituality that are rituals spawned from our guilt that shaped our morality. These symbols are supposed to represent real things in reality and real rituals of respect toward the animals we kill for food. This is why the last super makes no sense nor does saying thanks to some invisible god shaped like a man. these rituals where created by our primitive ancestors to honor literal things that have given their life to feed us. This is why we find animals painted in the ancient caves where rights of passage were carried out. This also explains why humans have become so immoral and vein by being disconnected from these rituals and instead worshiping ourselves through rituals of vanity praying to human shaped idols. I had always wondered why when I asked for the truth and found the scriptures of Leviticus calling for blood to be sprayed onto the horns of the alter and why we find bull worship all across the world into ancient cultures. Not because Satanism but because we used to worship things that gave us nourishment and cared about how we treated them and generated rituals to atone for having to kill them for survival. then religion corrupted these rituals so that we would no longer be connected with nature and depend instead on a control mechanism of leadership to serve a hierarchy and no long value experiences. Because experiences have life changing and mind expanding consequences and intelligence and true spirituality is the morality gained from partaking in them and because we recognized these creatures suffered as we do we felt responsible and made sure we didn’t cause them unneeded pain. This is my problem with vegans they really are only avoiding meat for vanity purposes mean while meat eaters who are voting with their dollar to support grass feed and free-range farming are actually effecting the way animals will be treated in the future.

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