This week on The Gralien Report, amidst news that Google Earth will soon be paired with augmented reality to overlay its maps over real environments, we also look at the announcement that a new government artificial intelligence initiative is underway… what kinds of things will such developments eventually hold for the future of technology, and humanity in general? Meanwhile, Russian prosecutors have announced plans to reopen the 60-year-old mystery of the Dyatlav Pass Incident, where a group of hikers from Russia’s Ural Polytechnic Institute died under unusual circumstances during a wintertime hiking excursion.

Then later in the program, we frequently hear stories of people who vanish under what are deemed “mysterious” circumstances, and all-too-often these stories become further sensationalized when they are later retold online and in other popular forms of media. However, far less often are we able to speak firsthand with someone who has gone missing, and was later rescued and therefore able to recount details about their experience. Haley Zega is such a person, who at the age of six became lost in the Arkansas wilderness for nearly three days. As she joins us to tell her story, Haley helps to shed some much-needed light on a number of aspects of the “missing person” phenomena that deserve further attention, which includes her recollection of an unusual experience that occurred during her time lost in the spring of 2001.

What can we learn–and perhaps apply to future search efforts–from stories like that of Haley Zega, where a missing person was found and can give us a first-hand account about their experiences?

Whitaker Point image by Mark Stevens (Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

One Reply to “TGR 02.11.19. Lost and Found: Haley Zega’s Story”

  1. Really enjoyed the interview with Haley Zega, what a sweetheart. In keeping with the general theme of your program, I wanted to point out that she stars as a gunslinger in the upcoming Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls.

    I enjoy your program very much, both for the entertaining variety of topics presented in a non-sensationalized manner, and just for the quality of the broadcasting itself. Thanks!

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