This week on The Gralien Report Podcast, we kick things off with a discussion about Micah’s acquisition of a fossilized tooth from an ancient sea monster; but what does this have to do with the debate between evolution, and faith? We examine members of the scientific and philosophical communities that have also espoused a theist stance on things, including one founding member of CSICOP who had been a prolific commentator on everything from pseudoscience, to his own position as a “fideistic theist”, as well as one great 20th century philosopher who had been famously critical of “scientism”. Couldn’t there be room for both evolution, and our concepts of a universe with a creator, and why must the two subjects always be met with such contrast?

Looking at the news, we touch on new evidence of humans living in ancient Siberia, and what this has to do with the discovery of a wooly mammoth in the region. Also, with the eventual creation of technologies that may allow the cloning and recreation of an extinct creature like a mammoth, will the Earth of the future become a home to life forms that are very unlike ourselves… or even, the “end” of what we call the human era?

Speaking of those things not quite human, discussion of a possible “megastructure”, evidenced by a star’s gradual dimming over the last century, has advocates of alien life talking (again). Is this the best evidence of alien life that we have found to-date, or has one popular astronomer already deduced what the cause of this stellar “anomaly” might be?

Finally, X-rays were used in the recent discovery of an element long hidden in a famous painting of John Dee, the controversial Tudor polymath and occultist. What appeared under X-ray analysis has shocked a few art experts, and occult historians alike.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

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