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In our inaugural broadcast of 2015, the boys in the bunker examine claims of ancient mysteries in the news, which include the controversial announcement at a Science Congress in Mumbai, India over the weekend that the history of aviation began in ancient India, rather than at Kitty Hawk with the Wright Brothers’ historic flight. We also check in with letters from the listenership that discuss strange objects seen over California; are they “stealth blimps,” meteors, or something else?

Then in the second hour, we take the conversation from the depths of the ocean where “zombi worms” populate the deep, to a serious debate about the state of research into unexplained aerial phenomenon, as well as the distinction between speculative study of the unexplained, and harmful pseudoscience. Finally, big news out of Austria entails the discovery of one of the largest underground weapons facilities of the Third Reich, in which traces of radiation indicate the grave nature of the Nazi’s attempts at creating nuclear weapons.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

3 Replies to “01.05.15. Ancient Mysteries on The Gralien Report Podcast

  1. The problem with “bubble & squeak” is it’s made from leftovers.

    My latest website is geared to keep the so-called Disclosure Movement honest.

    As an energetic apex, I connect with a universal spectrum of personality frequencies. However, I am gaining a reputation as an expert on the Draco. Revelations are not given from our perspective but theirs.

    NAZI’s attempted to connect through the Thule Society. They only managed to find aggressive, manipulative subordinates. History is the result.

    I will check out your content and then may link to your website (with permission)

  2. I’m looking for a podcast to cover my area of interest, after listening to this first I’m about to put you into the unjustified sceptic bucket. Attacking theories and people who disagree with the mainstream is a very lazy way to make a noise. I want to learn something new not something we can find on CNN or sqeptics corner. In my opinion you are way off track. Some Ancient archetecture exceeds what we can do (in practice) in modern times, surely we can’t believe ancient cave people wielded industrial, jet tools and laser, plasma cutters? Your attitude towards Aliens is opposite to mine I’m thinking at this point. I’ve hobby researched the Alien phenomena for over 45 years and have had personal experience enough to convince me of their reality.

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