This week on The Gralien Report Podcast: a recent expedition into the jungles of Honduras has emerged with incredible news: the discovery of a lost city, which some believe to have been associated with an ancient “monkey god.” Micah notes the various parallels between various representations of the deities found here, in comparison with strange folklore about “monkey men” from elsewhere around the world.

Then its on to cases where individuals seek government aid from injuries caused by contact with purported UAP, as well as one man’s fight against health problems incurred during his time working at Area 51. We also spend a bit of time discussing the science behind Frankenstein from past to present day, as well as strange tales of “time slips” from our listeners. Finally, we examine strange dreams and their influence on daily life and happenings, including moments of inspiration that stem from them.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

2 Replies to “01.02.14. Lost City of the Monkey God on The Gralien Report


    I have three dreams I would like to share with you because they involve the same second person who can verify that at least I told them about the dreams before they came true and that what followed seemed uncannily similar to what I described I dreamt. The first dream I had was that I was in jail and all I could think of like most people, was I’m going to get fired if I don’t call my Boss. When I got to work the next day I told my manager I had a dream about him and I explained that I was in jail and worried that I had to call and let him know so I wouldn’t miss work and be fired. Weeks went by and one night my tail lights went out I was pulled over and at the time marijuana was only legal for medical use so I was arrested for having paraphernalia in my car. Since my vehicle was defective I had to have someone pick me up or I could not leave the sub station. Once I was given my phone call I called the only phone numbers I knew by heart and got no answer. My only other option was to call my work it was the only phone number in my wallet and my co-worker, not my manager, who worked grave shift, was off tonight and a great guy so I figured I’d call work and get his phone number. When I finally got ahold of this co-worker he was in the middle of fixing his car which had broke down on him and he suggested I call my manager who was the last person I ever would have thought to call. And when he walked in and got me and we left the building I said to him this was the dream. It was four in the morning and I had to be to work at 8 and was worried the whole time I wouldn’t get picked up in time. But even more the cell they put me for only five minutes seemed familiar.

    The second dream happened and again right away I told my manager this time via myspace that I had a dream we moved our store to a different location and that is was super busy. When the word came down we were moving it didn’t surprise either of us and not only was the building shaped like in the dream but the counter was even in the same place and it did way more business than the last location. I didn’t fully realize the significance of the dream until one day when I came to work and my manager had painted the inside walls the same exact grey the walls were in my dream and I told him no way, now for sure this is the place out of my dream.

    The third dream and I think the strangest happened when a co-worker did a no call no show. That night I had a dream me and him were down town doing a shift change in what seemed to be a hotel room with a bar and as we were counting the money the owner of the company I work for showed up and started to pour drinks for us. When I talked to my manager he informed me my co-worker had been moved to another store down town that was closer to his house since he rode the bus. Again we agreed the similarity was uncanny but something really bothered me. You see I don’t drink, my co-worker did not drink, and the owner of my company is an AA guy so it didn’t make sense to me and I thought there had to be some significance to it. Months later I was talking to my manager on the phone and we started talking about the paranormal and he reminded me of the dreams. And so I retold the last dream since he wasn’t involved in it he wasn’t as familiar with it but kind of remembered it foretold of my co-worker moving stores. When I got to how perplexed I was to the meaning of the place having a bar and the drinks being poured. My manager stopped me and he said you didn’t hear about what happened to the co-worker and he explained to me the guy did move to another store for less than a week until he got a job bar tending downtown.

    My email account was disabled due to me not checking it frequently enough so I hope you get this I’m trying to reopen my email If you have any questions.

    Thank you for all do for me I hope this help you.

    Oh yeah something else maybe you might be interested in, my dreams for the most part are reoccurring not in the way they play out only that every night as if I have built my own dream map I return to these same places over and over and the older I get the more stable and frequently I seem to only dream of a few places, but I do seem to be aware of all the places that exist in my dream world and can visit them again and again. Some are real places like child hood homes and others are like weird puzzle like fun houses that could not exist in reality and I’m so familiar with these places I know ever secret passage.

    Another thing I have realized due to a bad dream where I had my head shaved bald for a charity I didn’t want to donate to I woke up and thought wait a minute how did I see my hair in the dream? And I realized just like in the first dream I can recall as a child, in that dream I was watching other people but wasn’t there, in this dream I was watching and I was me. I was inside and outside of my self at the same time and I find it odd that not one dream expert has even pointed this out that when we dream we are us and inside our self controlling our body while at the same time up above watching our self outside of our body at least in the dream world. But either way it is giving us a perception of experiencing a duality unattainable in our current reality or mind state. Have you ever heard anyone point this out?

    1. Yes, I have heard, studied about this. THis has been widely discussed in Vedanta- a Branch of Hindu Philosophy. Please do mail me at
      sharmabrr @ gmail . com for more details.

      [The spaces in the email Id provided above are intended, to escape from Spamming Bots.]

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