Over the years, we’ve amassed quite a list of friends in the field who have helped us along the way. Whether magazines, podcasts, news sites, or just people we enjoy, below are some of the fine folks we’re proud to call friends of The Gralien Report.

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  1. It has been completely proven that we were scientifically created and “What” God is

    My web pages are on search engines and everything is free.

    The Humane Genome Project’s Discovery Proves Mankind was
    Scientifically Created by God. And there is no way it could naturally happen.

    The Adam and Eve Method of Genetic Engineering, We were Created, by Robert Kress
    Read how 2 chimpanzee chromosomes were fused by a 150,000 base pair sequence
    to make our human chromosome two. Evolutionists will not be able to explain
    this one.

    Genesis One, God Created our Solar System

    The Star of Bethlelem

    KJV Bible UFOs Outlined and Explained, by Robert Kress

    When YOU know “What” God is,
    YOU will Know how he does things at the Second Coming.

    ZEC 14:3 Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations

    Earth destroyed verses. This is Why God Lifts us Off Earth

    Resurrection is Medically bringing Someone Back to Life.

    Ten Examples of Resurrection, some ate food after, and Prophecy Verses

    Is a spirit words or a ghost? 22 Examples

    Eight Examples of my 100 or so Bible pages, each is a subject,
    just the verses, very little Bla, bla, bla.
    Free Computer Bibles, type in words or phrases to find things.
    My pages are in the 1769 KJV Bible.
    Everything is free on my web site.


    Thankyou for your consideration,
    Evangelist Robert Kress, U.S.A.


    I formally studied Electronics, Electronics technician,
    read Scientific American 1974 – 1994 every month, new discoveries
    are described in detail.

    I have been typing words into 1769 KJV Computer Bibles since 12/14/89.

    And I have watched or listened to 50 sermons a week since 1988.

    Why Bacteria and Viruses can evolve and Why Humans cannot evolve

    Species that have only one copy of each gene can evolve. Species
    that have two copies, like the redundant genes on our chromosomes one
    through twenty two of man, cannot evolve.
    Radiation does cause mutations in genes.
    In species with only one copy of each gene, when a mutation to a
    gene happens it’s the only copy that individual has. If that
    individual survives it will pass the altered gene on to the daughter
    cells, when it reproduces.
    In species like us with 94 percent of our genes redundant, one
    set of the genes on chromosomes one through twenty two come from the
    mother and the other set come from the father. Some mutations in us
    are called hereditary disease causing genes. The pattern for mutations
    in genes on the redundant chromosomes is:

    1. Very few people have the mutation on both chromosomes,
    2. A larger group have only one copy on one chromosome,
    3. And the largest group do not have any copies of the mutation on
    either chromosome.

    To replace the original gene there would need to be a world wide
    catastrophe killing all that have one copy and two copies the
    original gene. This would have to happen for each mutation, maybe up
    to three mutations per catastrophe, per species.
    As you can see, evolution by mutation cannot be the answer as to
    how man got here.

    Evangelist Robert Kress

  2. Can you honestly explain to me why Tyler is on the program? I would subscribe if not for his inane interruptions. I assume he is there to provide humor, but he is never funny to me. Do others find this guy hilarious? I could see how this concept would work if the guy being used was very witty, but Tyler just makes annoying comments that interrupts the flow. Help me understand why Tyler adds to the program.

  3. I wanna send you a song for your show..,.,
    Spaceshiman from alpha hydroxy..:
    What’s your email address!
    Love you brother!
    There’s no contact link!!!!

  4. Hello Mr.Hanks
    I’ve recently discovered the”Gralien Report” Well done sir.I’ve always been interested in the shall we say “high strangeness” and and inexplicable and for the last few years have been spending probably to many hours researching etc.the unknown soaking up as much data and information as possible. Its a passion for a 50 something self learned family guy that is the ultimate fan of truly committed individuals. This is a category I’ve noticed you fit into nicely. I first encountered you on Gene Steinbergs “The Paracast” awhile back and since have enjoyed catching up on past podcasts of your “TGR”. Thanx for your efforts they are greatly appreciated. The truth is certainly out there and with diligent efforts from the likes of people such as yourself these truth to some of these enigmas and inexplicables will undoubtedly be found. Thanks again. Please keep doing what your doing. There is never enough knowledge to be gained and many whom can benefit from it especially in the world we live in now.

  5. Hi Micah,

    I was just catching up on a backlog of your Podcasts and was amazed to hear the name of the city from where I was listening…Bielefeld, Germany. My immediate thoughts were that if you were broadcasting from a place (Ashville) that doesn’t exist and I was listening in a place that also doesn’t exist, then does this prove the point?

    Martyn Smith (concerned of Bielefeld)

    ps love the show and know how much you love your Muzak, so please check out my websites if you can find the time!

    My Muzak

    My Company

  6. well, Micah, you’ve lost me as a listener today. I like the pod casts because i felt them to be informative and yet entertaining. and quite frankly an escape from all the BS politics going on on just about every station, pod cast, news channel, etc etc etc. I listened to the very first part of the show put out on 3/2/16 and that was enough for me. not everyone is going to agree when it comes to politics because we are all different in certain ways. i understand that. I just do not want to hear it anymore. so good luck and i hope you find the truth some day, what ever that might be. Doug Muller, Rochester, NY P.S. I am pretty disappointed at this point.

    1. No worries, Doug. In my opinion, if I weren’t challenging the thoughts and opinions of my listenership, I wouldn’t be doing my job right… and I think that remains true, even if it costs me some listeners. So all the best to you, and I do appreciate your listenership up until now, with equal hope that you are able to find something else to listen to which is closer to “hitting the mark” for your personal taste and convictions. Take care. 🙂

      1. hello again,
        i decided to give you a listen again. maybe my skin got a little thicker about the politics thing. just listen to all the banter on the news now, I think they are all crazy and i have no idea what the truth is anymore. there is like two sets of facts. how can you have two sets of facts??? .anyway, i have listened to the august pod casts and am up to date. i guess comparatively, your pretty mild and actually pretty humorous about the whole political thing. keep up the good work and I have missed listening.

  7. Hi Micah. I enjoy listening to your podcasts. Although I’m a little behind in listen to my downloaded podcasts. I’m just listening to the podcasted dated on 01/05/16 titled “Presidential Politics and UFO’s”. Anyway, I got a laugh about Asheville being a hoax. Because I was there a several months ago. It seemed real enough to me. LOL.

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