In a strange video that has appeared online at Live Leak, a man in New Jersey who spotted a black bear in his neighborhood managed to film the creature as it passed nearby… walking on two legs.

It has been suggested that the animal may have sustained an injury to one of its front paws, and thus had adapted for bipedal locomotion to account for the injury.

As the animal is filmed strolling (or waddling, perhaps) through the neighborhood, the appearance of an animal walking on two legs in this fashion evokes a bit of an eerie feeling; in fact, it might even have some of us thinking about Bigfoot reports.

Indeed, if a large black bear walking in this manner were seen from a distance, one might surmise it could easily account for at least some reported sightings of Bigfoot (particularly those involving tall, dark figures observed walking through fields a great distance away).

The discussion of “bipedal bears” has aroused both support, as well as sarcasm among Bigfoot researchers. Whether or not they can account for some reports of Bigfoot sightings, a search online provides similar instances where black bears have been filmed walking upright.

Consider, for instance, the video below:

The clip above certainly leaves little to the imagination (particularly right at the beginning) as to how one might feel as they observed the strange, waddling gait of this animal as it is seen moving behind the tree line. Watch the first five seconds again; if you had been filming this from a short distance away, and through a row of trees as seen here, what would you have thought you were seeing?

Hat Tip to Jeff Adamson for sending this along. Sources: Live Leak, Opposing Views. Image Credit: 


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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

9 Replies to “You Won’t Believe What Just Walked By… On Two Legs

  1. Watching these videos get me to wondering if the bears are simply mimicking human behavior. They come across a road, or human trappings, and figure since they see humans walking up-right, maybe the bears should adapt the same behavior.

  2. Having lost his mother in the great fire, the little cub was rescued and raised by a troupe of feral circus clowns. True story.

  3. Perhaps bears walking upright on their hind legs like the bears in these videos could account for some Dogman sightings as well?? Not all, just some.

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