Over at Mysterious Universe, I provided a bit of commentary recently about a vintage image purporting to show a dead Sasquatch, which was initially shown to me while having coffee with a law enforcement official near Phoenix, Arizona.

“It was late February, 2013, and I was sitting in a cafe near Fort McDowell, Arizona. Stanley, a member of the Navajo Rangers, had been explaining strange phenomena to me that he and his fellow officers had observed over the years. A polite man in his mid forties, Stanley was most interested in aerial phenomenon, and this had been the primary purpose of our discussion. But when he told me he had a photograph of a dead Bigfoot on his cell phone, my curiosity had naturally shifted toward discussion of the mystery beast.

“Can I see the photo?” I asked him, to which he agreed.

You can read the full story at Mysterious Universe by clicking here.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

9 Replies to “Vintage Images of a “Dead Bigfoot” at Mysterious Universe

  1. Do not see what all the interest is in this subject.
    Let me tell you something. When the CNR Railway line was
    being pushed through the Lilloet mountain region nearby
    many of these creatures were shot, collected, strapped and bound
    to flatdeck railcars. Some were still alive on the railcars.
    They were then transported to Eastern Canada, but no one has ever
    come up with the location as to where the railcars were sent.
    If you want to see for yourself, it is no big deal, go to the Vancouver
    Sun newspaper Archives Department Vancouver BC Canada.
    The Vancouver Sun articles about this (there are many articles) and
    their are other newspaper articles from different companys.
    I have personally seen the written stories and photos.
    Many of them were young and threw large stones at the laying of Rail Track.
    The Track laying was delayed many times because of this.
    Some were captured alive and bound,others were not so lucky.

  2. Can you suggest a time frame of dates that one could look at? The research would be interesting.

    1. Brett Gellert ;
      The Government of Canada made a decision very early that the Canadian Railway would be built from Coast to Coast to open up trade to the various Provinces,
      Territories, and numbered Land Holdings. This was a wise decision. Plans were first discussed in Government about 1878, but nothing much came out of it.
      They said at the time their were more immediate issues that needed attention to
      such as defending the Commonwealth Lands from foreign attack and the ever present issue of attack from the native Indian populace. From 1878 until 1885 the Canadian Government swayed back and forth. Then a decision was made by the British Commonwealth to stop bickering and take action on construction of a Railway that would run Coast to Coast in Canada to open up trade and land development. This happened around 1889 or 1890. Government Federal Contracts were given out at this time. The actual Railway Construction though did not start until a much later date as the Equipment had to be put into place. Believe the first Railway Track was laid somewhere around 1896 in mid eastern Canada, but again it failed as the Contractor supplied Track had faults. A re-design happened and was successful. By 1903 the Rail Line across Canada had begun, heading toward British Columbia. It was not until the line traveled to the Province known as British Columbia that problems occurred.
      It was now very mountainous and desolate and the first reaction from the CN Railway was that “Native Indians” were obstructing the foreward laying of the Rail Line. But this turned out to be untrue. When the Native Indians were spoken to they said it was not them but the Animals on the above Cliffs.
      Hope this helps you.

      1. My degree is in Canadian history and your overview is sound. My question should have been more specific. What are some of the dates of the ” many articles” you’ve seen? Your initial post makes it seem like there is a treasure trove of information for research. Your kind reply seems less so. As someone whose great uncle was in the RCMP back then and saw giant foot prints I would love to see more information come to light.

        1. You have to start to do individual research on this topic as I have. I cannot take you by the hand and lead you. If you have interest in this past incident
          then you must investigate it. If you are interested in an unusual situation
          encountered by the CN Railway ordered by the Government of Canada at the turn of this Century then comply with what you have heard here and the records of Canadian Historical Archives in Ottawa, Canada. There was a lot of correspondence between the Government of Canada and CN Railway early in the 1902 time frame and lasted until 1908 to 1911, then dispersing. Many articles were written at the time that the CN Railway was bed pardners with the Government of Canada but that was noncence. What was actually happening was the Government of Canada did not know how to deal with this subject. It issued conflicting news stories. In other words it hoped this problem would go away, but it did not.
          Hope this gives you the information you are looking for.

          1. Ah. I’ve found that posters who refuse to give cites when asked are often simply making things up, but if you want to know what my evidence for that is, you’ll have to do the research yourself.

  3. I am going to have to call BS on this story of a “railway car with half dead Bigfoots.” Did railway works see Bigfoot? Possibly. Shoot one? possibly. But multiple railcars with the creature? In my opinion, no freakin’ way. Although I would love to be proved wrong.

  4. He says I’m not going to prove the existence of bigfoot by saying “I’m not going to lead you by the hand”. Well my cat makes 75.00 an hour by a new proven method.

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