For 1970, to assert that UFOs might be something other than the popular meme that had arrived and seen endorsement in most publications of the day–that anomalous aerial phenomenon represented extraterrestrial visitors–was indeed bold and forward. It was also very much a line of thought that would have been met with criticism.

The infamous Condon Committee, credited in years since with “debunking” UFOs (and doing so essentially for the benefit of the U.S. Air Force), had nonetheless concluded that there were some UFO reports that seemed both valid, and inexplicable. However, this alone had not convinced Condon and his team that UFO phenomenon represented extraterrestrial technology. “To find clear, unambiguous evidence on this point would be a scientific discovery of the first magnitude,” Condon would say in 1969, “one which I would be happy to make. We found no such evidence, and so state in our report.” Condon however acknowledged that, “contrary to popular belief, we do not rule out all future study.”

There are few UFO researchers that would have agreed with Condon at the time, and he was indeed mostly criticized for holding such views. However, the very statements excerpted above had managed to come to the attention of one Fortean researcher at the time who, taking them into a slightly different context, began to look at the scientific study of UFOs as being, rather than biased against flying saucers, merely biased against an extraterrestrial hypothesis… and rightly so.

From this approach, a landmark book in the study of UFOs was produced called

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

6 Replies to “Storming the Gates: Operation Trojan Horse, Revisited

  1. Well put, Mr Hanks. There are considerable overlaps between Keel and Vallee, ideas they came to independently. And Keel did indeed ask more questions than he answered, but that was his strength, not weakness. Such is the very nature of things and the enigma of ufology especially so. Glad to see Keel given his due, his neglect and worse today by so many so-called leading ufologists is part of the reason contemporary ufology is such a ridiculous joke.

    I last read Operation Trojan Horse over a decade ago, need to reread it and glad to see it is being reissued. It deserves at least as much attention as Keel’s far better known The Mothman Prophecies.

  2. On page 213 from the original edition OTH: “The ufonauts are the liars, not the contactees.” Well said John Keel.

  3. Exopolitic Hubris

    The UFO phenomenon poses many unanswered questions and contemporaries have gone to great lengths to attempt to answer these questions. To make the subject even more challenging, there is disinformation and a ton of noise. When we glean through the noise, we find, to a large extent, most of the mystery has been solved and many of the baffling questions answered.

    The remaining question that has not been answered is

  4. RPJ said, “We just don’t know that”and yes ants are interesting creatures. 🙂

    Technically you are correct and maybe someday we will know that with a certainty. In the meantime the accumulating data points to that.

    Fuller mind/brain performance can be restored by stimulating the underused brain glands. The atrophied pituitary and pineal glands can be brought back into functionality; seriously kicking up brain bandwidth.

    Ask anyone who has lit a DMT pipe and they will tell you that we are capable of processing 10,000 years of experiential data (amazing visuals, massive emotional content and data streams in unimaginable forms) in only 10 minutes.

    Understandably, these early psychonaut reports tend to be dismissed as anecdotal from joy riding street kids but serious scientists and the native shamans are in full agreement with a reality model that has incorporated quantum physics.

    For those of us who have not yet incorporated the quantum in causality, these simply have a non-functioning relationship with reality. Period.

    Reactivating the golden brain glands, pituitary and pineal is easier than learning to ride a bicycle. These glandular secretions dramatically kick up brain bandwidths opening up the consciousness field, and what was previously unsolvable problems now become child

  5. My Mom was British and I bear in mind back when I used to be in highschool her speaking to neighbors in regards to the British newspapers being the
    one way to get the actual news – so I assume I was raised to be
    suspicious of what the main information was selling and that is just elevated for me through the years!

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