TGR 11.21.16. The Cycles of Earth Cataclysms


This week on The Gralien Report Micah, Matt and Hobbo are on guard against catastrophe and cataclysms, as we report for the second week in a row about tsunami warnings in the Pacific, as well as why scientists want to preemptively attempt to move an asteroid, in case we’re ever in a position where learning to do so successfully might save life on Earth. We also take a look at a very strange story that involves sunken WWII vessels disappearing from the bottom of the ocean… who, and what technology, could have done this and gone unnoticed?

During the second hour of the program, we examine the unusual history of anomalies associated not only with our own moon, but the search for a second moon orbiting the Earth. On a number of occasions, astronomers throughout the decades have believed that additional objects in our planet’s orbit were discovered, though proof of these claims has generally fallen short. Finally, in our search for hypothetical moons, we also discuss the notion of an “evil brother” to our Sun, referred to over the years as “Nemesis”, which some have speculated could be linked to cycles of cataclysms on Earth.

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