08.01.16. Stranger Things: Anatomy of a Modern Cult Classic

stranger things

This week on The Gralien Report Podcast, we embark on our foray into the unexplained with an examination of the latest news of the weird. We begin with a look at mysterious cases of abnormal human brains, before shifting toward the ongoing search for answers about life in the universe. We also look at why some researchers are concerned about an eventual impact we may have with an asteroid which we’ll soon be studying. While samples from Bennu, as it has been dubbed, may teach us about the origins of the universe, will it ultimately deliver a “kiss of death”, or will technology intervene in the coming years that may help steer the course of humanity away from death-dealing space rocks?

TGR 08.01.16. Stranger Things: Anatomy of a Modern Cult Classic

Then in hour two, look at the fascination viewers have with the new Netflix series Stranger Things, which incorporates elements of the supernatural, psychic phenomenon, conspiracies, monsters and the occult, and alternate dimensions into a program widely recognized as an instant “cult classic.” But is there more to why we love this show, and its homages to 1980s culture? We’ll explore this, and more, on this week’s podcast.

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