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Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, podcaster, lecturer and radio personality whose work addresses a variety of areas, including history, politics, scientific theories and unexplained phenomena. Open minded, but skeptical in his approach, his research has examined a broad variety of subjects over the years, incorporating interest in scientific anomalies, cultural studies, psychology, sci-fi and pop culture, government secrecy, and the prospects of our technological future as a species as influenced by science.

He is author of several books, including his most recent work, The Ghost Rockets, as well as his 2011 release Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule: The Search for Sentient Intelligence from Other Worlds. In 2012, his book The UFO Singularity explored themes that incorporated futurism and technology–and at times skeptically–into an analysis of UFO phenomenon. Hanks has served as a consulting editor and columnist for FATE Magazine, and he is a staff blogger for Mysterious Universe. He has written for a variety of print publications including New Dawn, and has appeared on TV and radio programs that include Coast to Coast AM and Beyond Belief with George Noory, Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland, National Geographic’s Paranatural, History Channel’s Guts and BoltsCNN RadioThe Jeff Rense Program, and many others. His weekly Gralien Report Podcast is available at www.gralienreport.com (get the XML RSS feed HERE), in addition to a news and current events podcast, Middle Theory, available at www.middletheory.com.

Additional details about Micah and his work can be found at www.micahhanks.com, including information about his music, books and writing projects. Hanks lives in the heart of Appalachia near Asheville, North Carolina. If you have questions, news tips or stories you’d like to share, you can email Micah directly at info@micahhanks.com.

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Chris Heyes is a skeptically-minded researcher of the unexplained. He received his degrees in Religious Studies and Anthropology from Appalachian State University, where he studied the ways myth and culture influence human perception in places throughout the world. His interests today also include media and, of course, how popular interest in subjects like UFOs, ghosts, and other strange phenomena often color people’s ideas about nature and reality. In addition to the study of the unexplained, Chris also enjoys photography, writing & reading short story fiction, and body art.

For podcast questions, news links, and other correspondence, Chris can be reached via email at producer@gralienreport.com.

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Caleb Hanks is a writer and musician who is passionate about the technological achievements that await us in the coming decades. Self described as “one of those battery’s half full kinda guys,” Caleb boasts a keen interest in technology, science, and especially the concept of an intelligence explosion in humanity’s future, leading to a sort of “event horizon” which science fiction writer and mathematician Vernor Vinge was first to refer to as “Singluarlity.” Caleb’s art and music have been featured in a variety of publications, websites, and other mediums, and his rock group, The Nova Echo, has featured futuristic themes and innovative concepts within the framework of driving, electronically-oriented rock music. After releasing their debut full-length album in October of 2009, and the five song “Voyager” EP in August of 2010, the band reentered the studio in the Spring of 2012 to craft another full-length offering expanding on the core characteristics the band portrays: hope, positivity, and the feelings of love, longing and companionship that a lonely space traveler might feel between the insurmountable distances within deep space. The band toured several times between 2009 and 2012, and now Caleb focuses most of his energies on art, layout, and design, as well as blogging about futurism, technological singularity, and artificial intelligence for The Gralien Report and Intrepid Magazine. Finally, Caleb’s original compositions are featured as theme music on the weekly Gralien Report Podcast, as well as on programs like Open Minds TV’s Spacing Out! with Jason McClelland and Maureen Elsberry. He can be reached via email here.

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