02.20.17. An Esoteric President’s Day 2017

President's Day

This week onĀ The Gralien Report, Micah and cohosts Reverend Oakley and Producer Hobbo enjoy a few classic “Presidential Zingers”, uttered at dinners, events, and at times even rather inopportune moments, in celebration of the 2017 President’s Day holiday. We also spend some time discussing the strange and mysterious “Tully Monster”, and in other crypto-news, Micah thinks he has solved the mystery of a recent alleged Sasquatch encounter. Is there a much more plausible explanation here?

TGR 02.20.17. An Esoteric President’s Day 2017

Then in the second hour, we shift our full attention to the esoteric history of U.S. Presidents, who along with their First Ladies often engaged in everything from seances and spiritualism, to conversations with ghosts said to haunt the Whitehouse. Even Winston Churchill ranks among the Whitehouse guests who claim to have seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Also in celebration of this very unusual President’s Day 2017, we examine presidents who have seen UFOs, and even one U.S. President who reported an alleged Bigfoot attack in his non-political writings.


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