X Podcast 02.19.17.

This week on Gralien X, we ask ourselves a sobering question: could the British Royal Family actually be reptilian aliens? The main proponent of this belief, David Icke, has also chimed in in recent years on lunar anomalies, which Micah and Matt recently discussed on The Gralien Report. We take a look at David’s theories, and weigh them against the science.

Gralien X Podcast 02.19.17.

Then later in the program, as scientists say we’re close to being able to clone Wooly Mammoths, we ask questions about the ethical nature of this idea, as well as its environmental implications, and a variety of other notions in relation to advances in genetic science. Will this lead to the eventual creation of “chimeras”, or even bring to life such things as the imaginative world of Jurassic Park, as described in Michael Crichton’s famous novel?

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