02.14.17. Valentine’s Day on a Martian Moon


This week on The Gralien Report, it is the eve before Valentine’s Day, and as usual, our friendly neighborhood Gralien Gang is holed up in our bunker below ground, as we discuss places where the holiday of love is being banned. We also explore a strange disappearance — and the rediscovery — of a man who was found wandering the jungles of Brazil 3500 miles from his home, and the ongoing concerning mystery of whale beachings.

TGR 02.14.17. Valentine’s Day on a Martian Moon

Then in Hour II, we turn our attention to mysteries that include a user-submitted goody from our friend Adam Olson, who directed our attention to something weird going on with the old hotline number for the popular television program Unsolved Mysteries. Is this one mystery that Micah has managed to solve? We think so… and of course, one of our favorite subjects on this program involves the many mysteries of space: we take time to explore the enigma of Phobos, a strangely shaped moon in orbit around Mars which, according to astronaut Buzz Aldrin, seems to have a “monolith”. What is the origin of this object on Phobos, and what has conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had to say about it recently? We break down the facts about this oddity, and how the evolution of ideas (some of them misremembered) help create an evolving mythos about a secret space program, and its relationshipw to ancient Egypt, and even aliens.

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