X Podcast 02.03.17.

This week onĀ Gralien X, Micah and Matt begin with an addendum to last week’s show, revealing even more oddity and unusual ghostly weirdness in the life of singer Johnny Horton, along with his connections to singer Hank Williams. We then turn our attention to news of strange “Fortean” phenomena and unexplained “radiation clouds” that have some experts worried.

Gralien X Podcast 02.03.17.

Later, we look at the idea that sexuality plays a role in the study of the unexplained; after all, hybridization and general sexual themes are often present in subjects such as UFOlogy, ghosts and hauntings, and even cryptozoology. Finally, we spend some time discussing the Roswell UFO crash of 1947, and whether it is indeed time to “close the book” on this famous UFO case.

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