12.15.15. The Moon Landing & “M” Shaped Caves

moon landing

This week on The Gralien Report, we have news that veteran late-night broadcaster Art Bell has hung up his microphone (again), and this time for good. We go into the reasons for this, before shifting our attention to Elon Musk’s latest efforts to save humanity from evil artificial intelligence. Then, has a filmmaker released conclusive proof that the Apollo moon landing was faked by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick? Hardly… not only did the moon landing occur, the videos touted by some as proof that they were faked by the late Eyes Wide Shut director clearly give away the gag. We’ll go over how this hoax managed to garner so much attention, and why the moon landing hoax theory remains so popular today among conspiracy theorists.

TGR 12.15.15. The Moon Landing & “M” Shaped Caves

Then in hour two, we examine a famous early-twentieth century incident that led to the disappearance of three men under unusual circumstances. Known as the Flannan Isles disappearance, it remains one of the most unusual cases of strange disappearances ever recorded. Then, turning our attention to the disappearance of Kenny Veach, we tell the tale of an experienced hiker who went missing in the Sheep Mountains near Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in late 2014. The circumstances he described in the last video he uploaded to his YouTube channel tell of Veach’s fascination, and ongoing search, for a strange “M-shaped cave” which had frightened him upon his first discovery, and may have even spurred an obsession that led to his end. Finally, why are businessmen (and political dissidents) going missing in China? Sadly, with the political climate in the East, it takes little imagination to guess why…

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