Recent reports from England’s Telegraph may indicate sightings of the alleged “Octopoid” UFO days prior to the now-famous destruction of a wind turbine near Lincolnshire.

While driving along the Scottish Highlands late in the evening on January 4, area resident Lyn Meall described how she and her family had seen what they believed were six brilliant, orange-colored UFOs. Yesterday she told the Telegraph that “We were driving through forestry when we spotted four orange balls of light in the sky ahead of us.” Meall described how she pulled the vehicle off the road to observe the objects. “The lights appeared to be coming towards us when suddenly, one by one, they disappeared. A few moments later another one appeared to our left that appeared to be burning up. Then another one emerged to our right which had silver tentacles reaching down from it towards the ground, like an octopus.”

Could this have been atmospheric phenomenon like ball lightning? Theories including the burning of vaporized silicon as a result of oxidation, natural free-floating plasma balls, or even composite nano-particles which act as tiny batteries, “ignited” so-to-speak by a discharge from the ground, which may result in a current capable of forming a spinning ball of electricity. Even more controversial theories involve anti-matter, black holes, and vortexes in Earth’s atmosphere burning combustible fuel… but how does one rationalize strange phenomenon by comparing or associating it with theoretical physics, etc, which we similarly know very little about?

As thought-provoking as all these theories remain, with so many conflicting ideas as to the nature of such phenomenon it is simply too difficult to try and understand what they may actually be… for now. Following the logic of Occam’s Razor, it is almost more logical to assume that these strange lights witnessed by the Meall family were indeed extraterrestrial in nature; though a discerning mind would find as much complexity in trying to settle on this as they would any other present theory, really.

So what do we make of such reports? Will we ever be able to discern from eyewitness testimonies, or perhaps analysis of the damaged turbine at Lincolnshire, what actually caused the strange UFO phenomena witnessed in the area?

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Micah Hanks

Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at