Have you had a chance to tune in and listen to The Micah Hanks Radio Program yet on the KGRA?

If not, here’s a free¬†segment, featuring yours truly and producer Tyler Pittman discussing leaked documents, UFOs, and the enigmatic phenomenon of “meat puppets” in the everyday. We also address some criticism of Micah’s work and the UFO community at large… is it right to criticize UFO researchers who want to write and sell UFO books?

And most importantly, if you don’t know what a meat puppet is, you’ll have to tune in and listen to find out (although to be honest, we were wondering too… I’m sure this title had nothing to do with Producer Race R. Hobbs back in Master Control)! Enjoy, and tune in live every Sunday at 8 PM ET!

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Micah Hanks

Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

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