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  1. From the last linked article in Nat Geo: ” All the lake monsters, not just Loch Ness but the ones here in North America, in Lake Champlain and Lake George, were all under a mile of ice 20,000 years ago. The cryptozoologists never asked the question, “Well, how did the monster get in the lake if the lake was completely under ice, the lakes are all landlocked, and there’s no way for a marine creature to get there at all?” Those are all things that are not news to geologists, they’re not news to biologists, but they’re apparently news to cryptozoologists.”

    Do these numbnuts never read their supposed source literature? This has been a major topic of discussion amongst cryptozoologists since at least the 1970’s………

    *** le sigh *** at least Jon Krakauer has been doing actual research and clearing Chris McCandless’ name:

    heartbreaking. steph

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