Gralien Report Daily News for May 14, 2013


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Gralien Report Daily News for May 14, 2013 — 5 Comments

  1. Re Alien Nation: Have Humans Been Abducted By Extraterrestrials?

    The tragic death of Dr. Mack robbed the alien abduction field of its most creative and innovative prime mover. A decade later, this area of endeavor remains trammeled, apparently content to chase its own tail in a trite and tired circle. With time the abundant hypotheses sprouted from abduction accounts have grown far more florid, yet none are demonstrably factual. No matter, secure in their elaborately constructed world, the select circle of confidants can refuse any challenge to their standard, comforting paradigms.

    Whether cloistered in a Newport mansion for a meeting or bound by their own limited vision, the accidental inheritors of Dr. Mack

  2. Thanks for your comments, Dr. Kokjohn. As the doctor suggests, advancements in differentiating between fact and fiction within the offices of self-described researchers of alien abduction, which is often synonymous with hypnotists, is extremely dependent upon their desires to advance. I currently see very little indications of much desire.

  3. There seems to be some controversy as to whether French was involved in Project Blue Book, is just a big talker, or is possibly an alien himself…

    “Keel seems to be suggesting that French was an extraterrestrial! Or at least an MIB. While I find both suggestions extremely unlikely, the point being made is that French was an “impostor” and did not represent Project Blue Book, although he may have gone around pretending like he did. Is there any documentation to prove that French actually worked with Project Blue Book? A search for “French” in the Blue Book archive returns nothing except references to the country, or its language. By comparison, a search for “Quintanilla” returns 89 hits.”


    • Quintanilla was the director of Blue Book. French says he was a leading investigator.

      Do we have a list of all the Air Force personnel who were assigned to Project Blue Book until it was shut down?

  4. The fact no one, apparently, has attempted to verify French’s biographical claims does not mean his biographical claims are not verifiable.

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