Gralien Report Daily News for June 7, 2013


Below are today’s Fortean Headlines…


Gralien Report Daily News for June 7, 2013 — 3 Comments

    • So true, Reptile! This is geo.
      They know everything you have purchased using a credit card and have it on storage! Prism is its name. Knowing everything you do and who you are its game.

  1. Katie,Thanks for your comment!The cpocent of how to believe’ not what to believe’ has never really occurred to me, perhaps due to being raised in a christian home my whole life. Iam sitting here asking myself how do you learn to believe? and I guess it has a lot to do with faith and the belief that there is a God much bigger than ourselves out there, and seeing proof of his existence.In regards to telling Micah its what the women in Big W believe, I thought that was 4 year old appropriate, and if I wanted to get more nitty gritty, I honestly don’t think I could have gone all in depth which what they may believe. But I do know what I believe.Thanks for your thought provoking comment!Danielle 🙂

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