07.05.22. The Secret Space Age: Black Projects, NASA, and UAP

Since the dawn of the Space Age, there have been questions about the development of experimental technologies, and whether some aerospace innovations may have been left out of the history books. Could some black program developments account for modern accounts of unidentified aerial phenomena, or are these craft really otherworldly Continue reading

06.27.22. Disintegration: The Cuban Jet UFO Incident

In March 1967, Spanish-speaking intercept operators with the U.S. Air Force Security Service at Homestead AFB south of Miami, Florida, supposedly overheard Cuban transmissions involving a pair of MiG-21 jet fighters that were scrambled to investigate a mysterious intruder, resembling a large, metallic sphere with no wings or any sign Continue reading

06.26.22 X Podcast: Silent Contactees and the Invisible College

This week, we continue our discussion of “The Flying Saucer Investigators” with researcher Charles Lear, who discusses everything from the famous “Invisible College” of Ufology, to what John Keel called “Silent Contactees” with relation to the UFO situation.

06.22.22. Flying Saucers in ’47: 75 Years of the UFO Mystery

On June 24, 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying over Mount Rainier Washington when he observed a group of unusual flying objects that he could not identify. Sharing news of his sighting when he landed shortly afterward, Arnold’s account soon made it into American newspapers, and even came to the Continue reading

Enigmas Episode Ninety Three: In Search of the Historic Wild Man

What are the roots of the ancient “Wild Man” motif that have persisted throughout cultures around the world, and do they have any relationship to the Sasquatch of modern American tradition? In this installment of Enigmas, we go in search of the historic wild man, and reveal instances from antiquity Continue reading

06.19.22. X Podcast: Abductions, Nukes, and UFOs: Further Assessments of Intent

In this week’s Additional Edition, we continue this week’s dialogue on possible UAP intent as we look at famous cases involving abductions, UFO incidents at nuclear bases, and other instances that may convey pertinent details about the UAP reality, and the intentions of its operators.

06.14.22. Unclear Intent: Analyzing UAP Behavior and Intention

Widespread interest in unidentified aerial phenomena, as well as their possible nature and origins, has surged since 2017. World governments, scientists, and civilian organizations have all begun to weigh in on the matter, with the latest effort being announced by NASA, which plans to conduct its own study of the Continue reading

06.08.22. Path of the Skinwalker: Mysteries of the Uintah Basin

The Uintah Basin is one of Utah’s most diversely scenic regions. Nestled in the northeastern corner of the state, it is also the location of one of the most infamous alleged hotspots for UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, and other unexplained phenomena in the world: Skinwalker Ranch. 

This week on The Continue reading