12.06.22. Pilot Encounters With UAP: Aviation Safety and UFOs

In recent months, reports of sightings involving unidentified aerial phenomena by pilots have been making news, involving a variety of observations of unusual luminous displays by aviators over the United States. While some of the sightings appear to have been resolved, a number of the pilot reports continue to perplex Continue reading

12.04.22. X Podcast: Strange Tales of the Men in Black

In this week’s installment of the X Podcast, we look at more curious stories about alleged “Men in Black” encounters, and how one instance from Project Blue Book’s files may reveal that some MIBs really were government agents investigating an early UFO sighting.

11.28.22. Terror of the Men in Black: Fear, Folklore, & Flying Saucers

Since the late 1940s, people who have claimed to be UFO witnesses have occasionally come forward with strange stories of visits from “men in black,” giving rise to an odd and unsettling subfield in modern studies of the phenomenon. However, historical researchers point out that the idea of visits from Continue reading

11.22.22. The Pascagoula UAP Encounter

It was an otherwise ordinary evening for coworkers Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing at an abandoned shipyard along Mississippi’s Pascagoula River, when Hickson was first to notice an odd, bluish light in the distance. Over the next few minutes, the two fishermen’s lives would be forever changed… and Continue reading

11.14.22. Still Living? The Relict Hominoid Enigma

In 1917, a curious discovery was made within an ancient cave on the island of Malta: several unusual teeth that did not appear to belong to modern humans. However, this could only mean that our ancient cousins, the Neanderthals, had been there much earlier than it was previously believed any Continue reading

11.08.22. The Great Pyramid Void: Unlocking an Ancient Mystery

For centuries, myths and legends have hinted at the existence of hidden chambers within the Egyptian pyramids and the surrounding Giza complex. From an alleged secret tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu, to a “Hall of Records” that has long been speculated to exist, the search for secret areas where ancient Continue reading

11.05.22. X Podcast: The Situation Room with Marler and Greenwood

In this installment of the X Podcast, we pick up the conversation with researchers David Marler and Barry Greenwood as they detail military UAP encounters, and unsettling injury case that David has managed to uncover new details about.