Gralien Report Daily News for August 16, 2013


Below are today’s Fortean Headlines…

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Gralien Report Daily News for August 16, 2013 — 1 Comment

  1. hmm. those ‘mirrors of heaven’ at the Brazil weird news website look an awful lot like grinding rocks you find here in California – a nicely displayed one can be found at Chaw’se state park, down the road from Volcano (rockin’ gold rush town to visit):

    don’t think they had the privilege of grinding acorns down in Brazil, but they do have a lot of fibrous plant material there. We also have lot of generally larger holes made when boulders were trapped over bedrock and were ground in by glacial action (so i heard, i wasn’t there, reports to the contrary).

    BIG TIME season is just getting going around here – they have a fantastic one up at Chaw’se. Here’s a gorgeous poster i just had to show:

    it’s quintessentially Californian, but how many north american people would look at it and say “huh? where’s the horses and eagle feathers? buffalo?” oy. that’s why i’m always telling Mike Clelland he should talk to some people who go back aways in the specific areas where he has some of these experiences, like hello the ’round house’?

    no one listens to me.

    Happy Saturday and have fun watching Warren Hall implode!! steph

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