Gralien Report Daily News for August 21, 2016

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Gralien Report Daily News for August 21, 2016 — 2 Comments

  1. No “evangelical”, or institutionalized “Christian” am I, and I, as a witness and researcher for 60 years of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, see the great need for authentic study now. But, I must say that claiming UFO Truth legacy, important as it is, to be “more profound than Christ” reveals a deep misunderstanding of the truth of Christ, which reaches to the roots of our concepts of reality. And, the two are not in conflict.

  2. One more thing: there will be no government “disclosure”, under Obama or Clinton. The government will not admit it “does NOT KNOW what is going on”, and that it has been lying for over 70 years. There is no evidence of alien contact with any government. It is but r
    ank speculation founded in fictional assumptions.

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