Gralien Report Daily News for January 13, 2014

Below are today’s Fortean Headlines… Rancher defies Japanese government to save radioactive cows near Fukushima Get them away from the TV: Kids who watch too much suffer from brain damage Litter of smart pups lead to rumors of Nazi training … Continue reading

“Ball’s” Lightning: The First Known Photo of the Brown Mountain Lights?

Throughout the Linville Gorge Wilderness, an expansive and well-preserved tract of rugged woodland between the cities of Linville and Morganton, North Carolina, stories detailing encounters with strange “ghost lights” have persisted for decades. Dubbed by locals as “The Brown Mountain … Continue reading

Inaugural Oddities: A Few Things You May Not Know

On Monday, January 21, 2013, the public inaugural ceremony for Barack Obama will be held for purposes of swearing our 44th President into office for his second term. According to projected attendance estimates, as many as 800,000 people may flock … Continue reading

The Psychotic Skies: Do Incidents of “Air Madness” Reveal Cause for Concern? (Updated)

We’ve all heard of altitude sickness before, and even of the sort of light-headed sensations that can sometimes occur while ascending to great heights while traveling by air. Maybe you’ve even seen that classic episode of The Twilight Zone where … Continue reading

The Devil and Bobby Jindal

Yesterday, every major news outlet had something to say about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Whether it was those advocating Mr. Jindal being groomed for running on the Republican ticket for Presidency in 2012, or more likely, the number of articles … Continue reading

A Brief Treatise on UFO Disclosure, US Economy, and Doing Our Part

Ever since President Barack Obama first took office (and even prior to his election), many in the field have speculated as to whether Obama might be “the one”. In saying this, I’m not referring to anything similar to “Neo” from … Continue reading

2009: A Space Oddity?

Looking back on 2008, it could be argued that we had an exceptionally strange year. Of course, this notion might have an awful lot to do with who you’re asking, but historically, economically, and scientifically there were many events which … Continue reading