Unknown Quantities: How Do We Search for the Invisible Unknown?

The date was February 12, 2002, and United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, had been speaking at a press briefing, detailing the apparent lack of any proof that the Iraqi government had been working to supply various terrorist organizations … Continue reading

Mysterious Manifestations: Did Madame Candler Conjure Spirits of the Dead?

Looking back on the practice of mediumship during the nineteenth century, the majority of the claims made by spiritualists of that strange period are taken today with a healthy dose of skepticism. Known for elaborate trickery involving moving tables, the … Continue reading

Mothman, Cthulhu, and Children’s Art

The creepy imagery that has become popularly associated with Point Pleasant’s infamous interdimensional/cryptid/alien/science-experiment-gone-awry, The Mothman, prevails in some strange places. We’ve seen it in books, film, and art, especially that of the late fantasy painter Frank Frazetta; but weird depictions … Continue reading

“Something May Come Through” Large Hadron Collider “Portal”

Recently during a press briefing regarding the Large Hadron Collider beneath Geneva, Sergio Bertolucci, a physics theorist and Director of Research and Scientific Computing at CERN told reporters, “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something … Continue reading

They Stalk by Night: Vampires and UFOs?

Recently while pondering strange objects of esoterica, I came across a historical article regarding Elizabeth Bathory, the Hungarian “Blood Countess”, whose grisly crimes against virgin peasant girls (the blood of which she believed could be used to preserve her own … Continue reading